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Club boats

Singles (1x)

lightweight senior (120-159 lbs) Hudson - Roaming Joan  

lightweight senior (125-160 lbs) Kaschper - Miss Finch

mid/heavyweight senior Kaschper - Flip 'Er Naut

mid/heavyweight senior (150-210 lbs) Kaschper - Charlie Brown

mid/heavyweight senior (150-210 lbs) Peinert - Riggerous 

heavyweight senior Hudson - The Munson

training single - Boaty McBoatface

Doubles (2x)

lightweight senior (110-145 lbs) Hudson - Most Offensive Player

lightweight senior (120-155 lbs) Kaschper - Bliss Delight

midweight intermediate (150-185 lbs) Kaschper - The Bob & Tom 

midweight novice (150-185 lbs) Kaschper - Toughlon 

midweight senior (150-185 lbs) Kaschper - Ciclone

midweight senior (160-190 lbs) Hudson - Surf's Up

midweight novice (160-195 lbs) Hudson - JP

heavyweight intermediate (180-220 lbs) Hudson - The Black Death

Quads (4x)

lightweight intermediate (120-155 lbs) Kaschper - Zoosan

midweight intermediate (150-185 lbs) Kaschper - Theurer-o-bred

midweight novice (150-185 lbs) Kaschper - Bill Engeman​ / Iraqi 

midweight senior (150-185 lbs) Hudson - S. S. Schmidt

NOTE: Weights listed are the average range for the boat crew. The MAXIMUM weight for a rower in a CRC boat is 250 lbs, with the exception of the Black Death, which has a maximum average weight of 220 lbs and no individual weight max.

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