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Learn to Row
Members who are actively attending the Learn To Row classes or who have passed the LTR skills assessment but have not passed the Safety Assessment or completed the Swimming Certification. These persons may row only under supervision with a Coach.
Members who have completed Learn To Row or an equivalent class at another Club/Institution and have passed the Safety Assessment. These members should not row on the Ohio unless supervised by a coached launch. For those members who have completed a class at another Club/Institution, either a certificate of completion or letter from the instructor is requested. The rower must also demonstrate to the Club Captain that they know the basics of the rowing stroke with a CRC Sculling Skills Assessment.
Members who have rowed at least 160 kilometers within two years of completing Learn to Row and have passed the Safety Assessment and the Sculling Skills Assessment as administered by the Club Captain.
Rowers who are already experienced, demonstrated by having rowed at least 320 kilometers a year for more than three years or rowing routinely for more than seven years, can be designated as a Senior by the Captain with the input of the Board. They must also pass the Safety Assessment and the Sculling Skills Assessment.
Senior Single Sculler
Members who wish to row a single from the Club Boathouse/Dock, whether a club boat or a private boat, must be a rower level of Senior and must have passed the Single Sculler and Flip Assessment. Prior to passing the Single Sculler Assessment, a rower may row a Single Shell only under supervision with a Coach in a launch and ONLY if classified at the Senior level. It is recommended that newly certified single scullers be accompanied by another rowing boat or coach for their first 5 rows in a single.
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